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A Word From Our Founder | E. Clarke Dummit

We Are Dedicated To Protecting Our Clients

At Dummit Fradin, you don’t just hire an attorney. You hire an experienced and trusted team of professionals.

Relax. You’ve found us. You’ve navigated your way across the internet to Dummit Fradin, and that’s an amazing first step. We really do understand what you’re going through. The constant worry. The stress and the uncertainty. Maybe you think about your case every morning, and maybe you think about it while you eat and before you go to sleep. We’ve been there.
We’ve held the hands of clients who feel just like you’re feeling now, and we’ve watched them go from worry to joy as we’ve fought for them in the courtroom. There’s no reason to go through this alone. We are a team of professionals dedicated to you. We know the law, and we know how to speak on your behalf in front of a judge. Contact us today for an appointment, and see how much better you feel tomorrow.

A Word From Our Founder | E. Clarke Dummit

Welcome to DummitFradin. My name is Clarke Dummit, and I started this law firm over twenty years ago. Back then our Firm was in a small, one room office, servicing only a handful clients. But after 20 years of hard work, and thousands of clients recommending us, we’ve grown to accept cases statewide with offices in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, and Gastonia.

I hope you enjoy our website. We’ve worked hard to make it informative because we believe our clients deserve the information needed to make smart, informed decisions.

Here at DummitFradin, you don’t just hire an attorney. You hire a team of professionals who are dedicated to negotiating the best outcome, or winning your case at trial. Our attorneys are experienced in both litigation and negotiation. We’ll represent you strongly in negotiation and mediation because we are prepared to litigate in the courtroom.

Bottom line: we solve problems. Peace through strength. We are looking forward to getting started on your case. Thank you.

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