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Have you been charged with a DWI in Charlotte or in Mecklenburg County?
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At Dummit Fradin we know how difficult receiving a DWI charge can be for your peace of mind, your life, and your future, which is why we offer all new clients a free consultation to help you navigate this complicated moment that is often so hard to make sense of.
Our firm has built an award-winning and recognized reputation over the years by successfully defending countless individuals here in Charlotte when they receive a DWI charge and we have helped those same individuals find the relief they are looking for. Mistakes happen every day and your mistake should not have to haunt you or your driving record. Our Charlotte practice group of expert attorneys is ready to hear your case and make sure that you have your day in court. Whether it is getting your DWI litigated, having it expunged from your record, or getting you back in the driver’s seat, we know what to do to make that happen and will not stop fighting until it does!

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Being stopped for a DWI can often be a frightening experience. The lights flash brightly, the officer demands you get out of your car, and even in our best moments our nerves can get to us. These charges are often tough to fight effectively so it is incredibly important to know your rights and that you make sure that you are treated fairly.
Often there is a lot of confusion when it comes to receiving a DWI charge in North Carolina, but with Dummit Fradin’s experts on hand to assist you we know the right questions to ask so that your case is processed with your best interests in mind.
There is a lot of misunderstanding about what happens when you are charged with a DWI in North Carolina. Most of us know what a DUI or Driving Under the Influence is, but many also confuse a DWI in North Carolina to mean Driving While Intoxicated under the influence of alcohol.

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What receiving a DWI in North Carolina actually means is that a person has been charged with a citation for Driving While Impaired under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that can harm a person’s ability to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. This key detail is often not explained to a person when they are stopped by police, and many times the person charged is often given incorrect information at the time of their citation.
What many people also do not know when it comes to being stopped is that you have rights that should be have been respected by the officer who pulled you over. Many people in the process of receiving a DWI in North Carolina often forget that it is up to the state to prove that you broke the law and that you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.
Just because you received a DWI charge in Charlotte does not mean that you deserve to be convicted for it!
Dummit Fradin not only understands the procedures that police use to determine your DWI charge, but all of the attorneys in our Charlotte practice group are trained in these very same procedures ourselves so we know firsthand what their liabilities are. From the incredibly faulty breathalyzer to the unreliable field sobriety test, we know the right questions to ask law enforcement and any witnesses involved to discover if your rights were upheld to during your DWI stop and if you were treated fairly during the course of the incident.There is a reason why Dummit Fradin is considered the best law firm in the state at helping our clients with their DWI charges in North Carolina. Not only do we have a long history of successfully defending our clients and fighting for them, but our accolades have done more than that—in fact, Dummit Fradin is the one of the few law firms other DWI lawyers come to for education and training to help them better take care of their own clients! We are so knowledgeable when it comes to protecting you and your rights that other lawyers come to us to learn how to do it better!

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Over the years, we’ve built a substantial practice by consistently and successfully defending our clients against every type of DWI charge. This is the law firm to come to when you want an amazing and effective DWI attorney. Whether your unique situation is a first time offense or habitual, we stand ready to tackle your case with the kind of aggressive, no-nonsense approach that produces results where they matter: in the courtroom.

We’ve earned our reputation by fighting for our clients in the courtroom. Come in for a free Driving While Intoxicated consultation and talk to us about your DWI concerns.

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Each of our attorneys in Charlotte are superstars because we do more than treat you like a client or a case number: we know what a DWI charge in North Carolina can do to you, your family, and your future as a member of our local community. The cost of not defending yourself or not having the best representation can mean the difference between getting back on the road and getting on with life or suffering huge penalties to your insurance, your driving record, and your reputation. One mistake should not cost you years of trouble.

You deserve the best representation in the courtroom. You deserve to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. You deserve to have your rights as a driver and citizen kept sacred.
You deserve the best DWI attorney to represent you and the best are here at Dummit Fradin.

Contact us today for a free DWI consultation at 800-930-0397 or by filling out an email on our contact page! Our attorneys in our Charlotte office are waiting to help you through this complex, confusing, and stressful time in your life.
Dummit Fradin built our practice on the principle that we are to be of service to others and when it comes to helping you with your DWI charge in North Carolina we are waiting to serve you.

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We thoroughly investigate the details of your driving while impaired matter, and we fight without reservation to make sure that you’re getting the absolute best results possible.

Your Charlotte DWI attorney has to know what questions to ask, and has to take the time to analyze every second of the police video and audio recordings. This information, once it’s known thoroughly, is compared to the officer’s report and testimony. The officer’s report will have to match the evidence as to what happened in the stop.

Also, your DWI attorney will want to know if the arresting officer had probable cause to pull you over. In addition, it’s worth asking if the testing equipment properly calibrated and maintained. Remember, it’s on the state of North Carolina to prove any case against you. The state even has to prove that you were actually driving the car.

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When you are defending against a DWI charge in Winston Salem, NC turn to a law firm with an excellent track record. It is our goal to take away the burden of your worry and give you the legal protection you need to move forward. This is a serious matter, but you do not have to feel overwhelmed or burdened. Our lawyers are here to protect your interests and safe-guard your rights.

There is hope.

Welcome to the law firm of Dummit Fradin. We’ve won several awards for our work over the years, including the Avvo Clients Choice Award! Let an experienced, aggressive and well-known DWI attorney get started working for you today.

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