January 2015

DWI Factors and DWI Sentencing Part I

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Factors and DWI Sentencing Part I This will be a two-part blog post focusing on the intricacies of Driving While Impaired Sentencing Factors and Sentencing Levels.  This first post will provide an overview of DWI [...]

Post-Release Supervision for Aggravated Level One DWI Offenders

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Post-Release Supervision for Aggravated Level One DWI Offenders  Formerly, the most severe sentence that could be imposed for any of the impaired driving offenses pursuant to N.C.G.S. 20-179 was a Level 1 sentence.  Level 1 [...]

Under Age Drinking and Driving

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ZERO TOLERANCE FOR UNDERAGE DRINKING AND DRIVING  North Carolina has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving.  A person who is under 21 years old can be convicted of Driving [...]

December 2014

Can you be arrested for Driving While Impaired just because the police officer smells alcohol on you?

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Can you be arrested for Driving While Impaired just because the police officer smells alcohol on you? Criminal law features many standards.  For instance, in order to stop you for Driving While Impaired (DWI) a [...]

Fight 30 Day Civil Revocation

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The Process To Fight The 30 Day Civil Revocation In North Carolina, if you are charged with driving while impaired (“DWI”) and refuse to submit to a breath test or blood test, or receive a [...]

October 2014

Appreciable Impairment

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Question: “Can I be arrested and convicted of DWI even if my BAC was .08 or less?” The Attorney Replies: Yes, under North Carolina law (N.C.G.S. 20-138.1), a person may be convicted of the criminal [...]

DWI, the weather, and your case.

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Question: I’ve been hearing a lot lately about officers cracking down on drinking and driving during the holidays. I noticed that cold weather makes some electronics and gadgets less reliable, is this true for the [...]

Ask A Lawyer: Financial Payment to DWI Victim’s Family

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Ask A Lawyer: Financial Payment to DWI Victim’s Family Question: My brother was killed in a car accident. He was a passenger in, and the driver- who was already facing court for a DWI- was drunk [...]

April 2014

Arizona Driving While Impaired DWI Law Struck Down

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Driving while impaired. Also known as DWI, or (in some states) DUI. It’s against the law, and most folks would tend to agree that that’s a good thing. After all, nobody approves of impaired driving. [...]

February 2014

Reasonable Articulable Suspension

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Why is Reasonable Articulable Suspension important? DWI charges are often the result of traffic stops, in which an officer may not suspect a DWI until after he or she approaches the vehicle. A police officer must [...]

January 2014

Interlock Hearing Question:

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What should I do if I received a non-compliance letter from the NCDMV because I had an alcohol violation? I blew a FAIL when I tried to start my car in the morning. I had [...]

Attorney Jon Kreider named to Legal Elite

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“Since 2002, Business North Carolina magazine has honored Tar Heel lawyers by publishing Business North Carolina's Legal Elite, a listing of the state's top lawyers in business-related categories. Winners are chosen not by BNC editors but by the state's lawyers. Business [...]

September 2013

Attorney Clarke Dummit has Achieved the AV Preeminent ® Rating

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Clarke Dummit, a lawyer based in Winston-Salem, NC whose primary area of practice is criminal law, has earned the AV Preeminent® rating from Martindale-Hubbell® Winston-Salem, NC (PR Newswire) September 23, 2013 - Martindale-Hubbell, a division [...]

August 2013

NC State Crime Lab Toxicology Tests Backed Up

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December 2012

DWI Checkpoint Issues in Winston-Salem

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Reviewing Checkpoints- Are Police Following Procedures? The Winston-Salem Journal reported recently on the review of traffic checkpoints in Winston-Salem through 2011. The review shows that checkpoints are conducted disproportionately in minority neighborhoods. The police are [...]

September 2012

Exceeding a Safe Speed & Driving While Impaired, Not Guilty

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State Failed to Prove Elements of the Crime On September 30, 2012 our client was charged with exceeding a safe speed and driving while impaired. The allegations were that she called the police to report [...]

February 2012

Deferred Prosecution, Charges Dismissed or Not Guilty

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In order to qualify to petition for an expungement based on Deferred Prosecution, Charges Dismissed or a finding of Not Guilty, you must answer Yes to the following questions: Were the charges dismissed, dismissed by [...]

DWI vs. DUI Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Gastonia NC

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Is DWI different from DUI? Yes. North Carolina does not recognize DUI, or Driving Under the Influence. DWI, or Driving While Impaired, is not limited to alcohol consumption. It includes both illegal and prescription drugs [...]

DMV non-compliance hearing – over ruled

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Keeping Our Client's Ability to Drive When you have a conditional driving privilege, maintaining that privilege is important. One of our clients was facing the prospect of losing his conditional license even though he met [...]

December 2011

Clarke Dummit Tapped As Local Expert on DWI Cases Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Gastonia NC

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Yes! Weekly, a Piedmont Triad area publication, needed a respected DWI defense attorney to comment on a recent high profile DWI case in North Carolina. Writer Jim Longworth called on Clarke Dummit, founder of Dummit [...]

July 2008

Court calls for closer scrutiny of checkpoints (access required)

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In the wake of a recent Court of Appeals ruling, trial courts will need to take a closer look at the constitutionality of driver's license checkpoints. In a unanimous July 1 decision, an appeals panel [...]