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Field Sobriety Test What is a Field Sobriety Test? Any time an officer suspects a crime of being committed the officer is expected to investigate and gather evidence, suspected DWI is no different. When an officer pulls a driver over that he or she believes has been drinking he will usually perform a series of [...]

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DWI with a Commercial Driver’s License Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in North Carolina is more difficult than a standard driver’s license. It requires an applicant to have a more in depth knowledge of the rules of the road, their vehicle, and submit to more tests. Because of this, North Carolina, and most other [...]

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Impairment: What is the legal standard? There are several different ways to check if someone is physically or mentally impaired when they are pulled over or stopped at a checkpoint.  The old road test of touching your nose and the balance test which you have seen on TV or in the movies are a bit [...]

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THE COST OF A DWI | Hiring an Experienced DWI Attorney Can Help!

THE COST OF A DWI The effects of DWI’s are greater than most people expect. The cost of a great DWI lawyer to represent someone in a Driving While Impaired case is high due to the amount of work that it takes for an experienced DWI lawyer to complete the case from start to finish. [...]

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Ignition Interlock Violations | Do I Need a DWI Attorney?

IGNITION INTERLOCK VIOLATIONS The punishment for driving while impaired (DWI) is not similar in all cases. The punishment for a DWI can be a hefty fine, revocation of your driver’s license and even jail time. The big question that most people ask is, “Can I still drive if I am found guilty of driving while [...]

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Great Service & Respect

Mr. Dummit was a great help to me in an interlock case. He was very honest about the process and what to expect in different cases. He was very re-assuring when all the facts about my case was gathered and consulted with me numerous times before the actual case. He was always very prepared, was [...]

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Great Attorney

My case consist of me being charged for allowing for someone to drive my car without me knowing they were not licenesed to drive the stupid thing is the car did not have a tag on it and they drove anyway. but mr fradin was able to convince the court that i did not knowingly [...]

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Speeding Ticket

I had a substantial speeding ticket issue. I would like to consider myself as a good citizen who has done much for this community. I had a speeding ticket that occurred when I had some substantial stress going on in my life with a momentary lapse in concentration. I didn't create any untoward danger to [...]

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Very Professional and Efficient

As an out-of-state resident, I was was caught in a speed trap while visiting my child's college for Parents' Weekend. I am very pleased with all aspects of Attorney Michael Fradin's handling of my citation. I received a prompt and accurate assessment of my situation, an efficient request for relevant information, and an optimal result [...]

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Good lawyer. Good outcome.

Michael and his team did a wonderful job. Our case was very unique with many variable circumstances. He was able to complete our case with expediency and we were happy with the outcome. He was always available for questions. I would use him and his team again but I hope I never have to! Mark

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