Dummit Fradin court verdicts


  Jury finds woman not guilty of DWI It took a Superior Court jury just over two hours to find a Mocksville woman not guilty of driving while impaired. Lauri Anne McGinley, 49, of Main Street, was observed running off the road and nearly colliding with a semi-truck as she was driving east on I-40 [...]

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Holiday Visitation Granted

Family law attorney Megan Spidell was successful in negotiating holiday visitation for three of her clients, just in time to get an Order for the Judge. Megan’s hard work and negotiation skills enabled three parents to spend Thanksgiving with their children this year, while simultaneously representing them in their ongoing custody disputes. Attorney Megan Spidell [...]

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High Speed Ticket in Work Zone

Our Dummit Fradin attorney recently represented a client who was charged with a high speed traffic ticket in a work zone.  The client had a Commercial’s Driver’s License and owned a small fleet of commercial vehicles on behalf of the company that he owns.  Therefore, any points against his license would result in extremely high insurance [...]

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Driving While Impaired, driving privileges granted Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Gastonia NC

Representing a client who had blown a .22 on the breath test, our attorney  successfully negotiated a plea deal wherein the breath test would be excluded. Getting this evidence excluded saved our client from having to install an Ignition Interlock device on his vehicle and paying installation and monthly monitoring fees. Our client was immediately [...]

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High Speed Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Attorney McCleary was able to secure a dismissal of a high speed ticket that would have resulted in the loss of license for a client. Because Mr. McCleary was able to dismiss the speed the client will continue to work.

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Child Custody Modification – Victory

Megan E. Spidell, family law attorney at Dummit Fradin, was successful in arguing a child custody modification/ relocation case, in which her client wanted to relocate to Florida with the parties’ five minor children. Ms. Spidell successfully argued that due to the strong bond between the children and their mother, extended family available as support [...]

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Assault on Female – Dismissed

Attorney Spidell was successful in having two Assault on a Female cases dismissed against her clients in Guilford County.

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Breaking and Entering – Reduced Charge

Ms. Spidell represented a defendant with several felony and misdemeanor criminal charges involving a break in to his high school. Ms. Spidell was successful in negotiating a plea with the Assistant District Attorney to reduce the charges to misdemeanors and have many of them dismissed entirely.

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50B Domestic Violence Protective Order – Dismissed

Ms. Spidell defended a client against a Domestic Violence Protective Order in Guilford County. The client’s girlfriend had taken out a restraining order in an attempt to end the relationship, because she had a new boyfriend. The judge, after hearing the evidence, dismissed the restraining order. The client was also in the process of obtaining [...]

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Child Custody – Awarded

Ms. Spidell represented a father of five children, whose wife had obtained two frivolous Domestic Violence Protective Orders and also taken out false assault charges against him. Ms. Spidell successfully argued that the father should be given custody and possession of the marital residence and the mother was permitted to have visitation and ordered to [...]

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