The effects of DWI’s are greater than most people expect. The cost of a great DWI lawyer to represent someone in a Driving While Impaired case is high due to the amount of work that it takes for an experienced DWI lawyer to complete the case from start to finish. Also the unexpected happening in court can cost you a lot more than court cost and fines. The effects of a DWI poorly handled can leave long lasting problems.

What other ways could not having a great DWI attorney could hurt you financially?

A DWI can hit your wallet in several different ways, such as reduced ability to maintain a job, the high price of court cost and fines, as well as greatly increased Insurance costs. A DWI can have never-ending effects if not taken care of in the proper way. A DWI can affect your source of income. For most people in North Carolina losing your driver’s license can cause you to lose your job. A DWI has drastic impacts on your career and has a lasting effect on your finances.

What are some costs that I can expect if I am unsuccessful in winning DWI?

Court cost-

Court costs are separate from the fines that you will incur from the actual DWI. The court cost can vary depending on where your case is held. The court cost is not as low as someone might think, typically ranging from $150-$250 dollars, and sometimes higher depending on which level of court you are in. If you win your case then there are no court costs; otherwise, they are required.

DWI fines-

A DWI fine is not a set rate. The fine could vary from a $50.00 to $200.00 fine for a first time offense to as much as $10,000. The amount of the fine is to be determined by the level of punishment which is finally imposed by the court. A judge does have discretion in setting the fine as long as it is within the guidelines of the statute.

Cost of automobile insurance-

One of the costs of not having an dedicated DWI attorney is that your vehicle insurance rates will go up if you get a conviction. A conviction carries 12 points for three years and maxes out the points. Some believe that if they do not tell their insurance company of their DWI the cost of their insurance will not rise; however, the underwriters will discover this, generally within a 6-month period after the conviction. In some cases insurance companies will drop drivers who have DWI and are too high of a risk to insure. This results in the driver having to go find another automobile insurance provider and at a much higher rate for less coverage.

What can an experienced DWI attorney do for you?

A great DWI attorney knows that not all DWI cases are the same and the outcome in each case is different. You need to meet with several attorneys and then determine who you believe will do the best job for you. Hiring a great DWI attorney can put you in a calm state of mind of knowing that your case is being taken care of with the experience and knowledge that will insure the best possible outcome.
Having an experienced DWI/DUI attorney on your side may help reduce the financial cost of the charge, but it can definitely help reduce the emotional costs. An experienced DWI attorney may help reduce the fines by finding mitigating factors. Even if you are found guilty, your attorney can advocate for you in a way that shows the Court that, while you made one bad mistake, you will not make this mistake again. This in turn could have an overall favorable effect on the outcome that lowers the cost of fines associated with DWI’s. An experienced DWI attorney can show the court that jail time is not the best outcome for you and show that there are good alternatives. The great attorney could show that community services would serve a better purpose than sentencing someone to jail and thereby causing them to lose their job. An experienced DWI attorney can help you with both the emotional and financial costs of a DWI, ensuring that your trial is fair and litigated professionally.