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Impairment: What is the legal standard? There are several different ways to check if someone is physically or mentally impaired when they are pulled over or stopped at a checkpoint.  The old road test of touching your nose and the balance test which you have seen on TV or in the movies are a bit [...]

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THE COST OF A DWI | Hiring an Experienced DWI Attorney Can Help!

THE COST OF A DWI The effects of DWI’s are greater than most people expect. The cost of a great DWI lawyer to represent someone in a Driving While Impaired case is high due to the amount of work that it takes for an experienced DWI lawyer to complete the case from start to finish. [...]

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DWI and Vehicle Seizure

DWI Blog – DWI and Vehicle Seizure “I was charged with DWI in North Carolina and my vehicle was seized, and I am told it is going to be sold, is this true and how can I stop it?” The short answer is: “it depends”.  If you or someone you know has had their vehicle [...]

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DWI Anonymous Tips

DWI Blog - Anonymous Tips  “Can I be charged and arrested for Driving While Impaired (DWI) based on someone calling 911, and merely stating that my driving was bad?” According to the recent United States Supreme Court case, Navarette v. California, 572 U.S. ___ (2014), an anonymous tip may sometimes be sufficient to justify a [...]

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Can you be arrested for Driving While Impaired just because the police officer smells alcohol on you?

Can you be arrested for Driving While Impaired just because the police officer smells alcohol on you? Criminal law features many standards.  For instance, in order to stop you for Driving While Impaired (DWI) a law enforcement officer must have “reasonable articulable suspicion” that you were driving while under the influence of an intoxicating substance.  [...]

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Fight 30 Day Civil Revocation

The Process To Fight The 30 Day Civil Revocation In North Carolina, if you are charged with driving while impaired (“DWI”) and refuse to submit to a breath test or blood test, or receive a result of .08 or greater then you will be subject to an immediate 30 day civil revocation of your driver’s [...]

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Appreciable Impairment

Question: “Can I be arrested and convicted of DWI even if my BAC was .08 or less?” The Attorney Replies: Yes, under North Carolina law (N.C.G.S. 20-138.1), a person may be convicted of the criminal offense of Driving While Impaired even if their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is equal or less than .08.  The person [...]

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DWI, the weather, and your case.

Question: I’ve been hearing a lot lately about officers cracking down on drinking and driving during the holidays. I noticed that cold weather makes some electronics and gadgets less reliable, is this true for the breathalyzer tests that police give when they stop someone?   The Lawyer’s Reply: It’s certainly not outside the realms of [...]

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Ask A Lawyer: Financial Payment to DWI Victim’s Family

Ask A Lawyer: Financial Payment to DWI Victim’s Family Question: My brother was killed in a car accident. He was a passenger in, and the driver- who was already facing court for a DWI- was drunk when he wrecked. Can I sue the drunk driver's insurance for my brother’s death? My parents have settled with the [...]

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Driving While Impaired, driving privileges granted Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Gastonia NC

Representing a client who had blown a .22 on the breath test, our attorney  successfully negotiated a plea deal wherein the breath test would be excluded. Getting this evidence excluded saved our client from having to install an Ignition Interlock device on his vehicle and paying installation and monthly monitoring fees. Our client was immediately [...]

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